14 Well, evolution is JUST a theory after all!

Many of you have probably learned about the image above in school or have heard someone refer to it whenever they try to refute evolution. I'ts the idea that a hypothesis, turns into a theory and then when it gets enough scientific support, it becomes a law. It's all a load of bullshit.

A scientific theory, is a model of reality and the way it works, on the other hand, a scientific law, is descriptive in nature, like gravitation, if two bodies move away from each other the force of gravity between them decreases, a law doesn't tell us why this happens, it just does. Another fine example is how computers work, we know our CPU does all the work, our video card gives us an image on the screen by sending energy through wires and cables, again, we don't know exactly how it happens, it just does. Like when light goes through a prism and it separates into its component colors, it doesn't say why, the law of nature just says it does happen and thats where the theory of light comes along to try and explain whats going on.

Theory and law are two completely different things, one does not become the other. Some people like to say "its only a theory!" suggesting that we can't trust something unless its a law. Theories in reality, are backed up by tons and tons of evidence to support their case, they explain to us how laws work, what really goes on with the light particles, and what gravity does to objects. In fact, its only a theory that right now millions of electrons are going from my keyboard, to the motherboard, and up to the monitor, but, working with that theory will get me quite remarkable results and that indicates that the model, the theory, is very close to how reality works.

So, next time someone tells you that evolution is just a theory be sure to point out to them that the fact that they are not floating around on earth, is also just a theory, and that the fact that they own a working cellphone or computer is also just a theory. A theory is not a hypothesis. Theories are proven facts.

11 Cargo Cults

If you had your own primitive civilization, unaware of modern culture, would you experiment religion with them?. To many, this would only be a dream, to have a whole tribe of people, teach them a religion, and see how it spreads, and how their faith grows stronger as the years go by instead of debilitating, to have something like this would be severely detrimental to organized religion as it should be a living breathing example of how people will literaly believe and follow anything an authority figure will tell them via indoctrination.

Some of you will be surprised to know, that this already happened in a way, and sadly, it hasn't had the effect one would hope because not nearly enough people know about it. It wasn't an experiment, it happened by itself on the islands of Vanuatu during the 1930's, the tribesmen began talking about a "John Frum" supposedly an american missionary that spoke how in order for all the missionaries and white people to leave vanuatu, the natives had to reject the modern lifestyle and all of the western commodities.

By 1941 all the followers of John Frum had left the missionary christian churches, got rid of their money and stopped going to school, the authorities then arrested, prosecuted and exiled John Frum, from then on, the belief that John Frum would come back to his followers with cargo was created.

The cult is still active today, one of the leaders is quoted for a response he made to a reporter who asked him "its been 19 years, why are you still waiting for John Frum?" the leader replied "You christians have been waiting 2,000 years for Jesus to return to earth, and you haven’t given up hope.”

10 Evolution for dummies

The most common question i personally get when i'm trying to explain evolution is "If we come from chimps, how come chimps aren't having humans now???!!". There's nothing wrong with asking that, if you sincerely don't know evolution, but, if you are trying to dismiss evolution, that kind of question is just proof to the case that you have no idea what evolution really is, and that you are probably basing your position towards it (evolution) on what other anti evolutionists have told you.

Human beings do not come from chimps, we are cousins, not brothers. Just like tigers are not giving birth to lions or to siamese cats, chimps don't give birth to humans because we are only related to them, we are part of the great apes. A couple of million years ago, we shared a common ancestor, and what that means is that at some point in time, before humans and chimps, there was a different, primitive ape whose descendents divided into two branches, one eventually led to modern chimps, and the other became us, human beings.

Evolution opponents claim there isn't any evidence to prove evolution, that there aren't any transitional fossils, that is in fact, a lie, theres not only enough evidence of all of this on the fossil record, but we also have DNA testing and it shows a 99% match with the DNA of a chimpanzee, and that "little" 1% difference, is all of what we have and they don't, every invention, every creation, all of our buildings, our society, our trendy gadgets, computers, video games, music, movies, paintings, books, blogs and forums. All of that is included in that mere 1% difference. What do you think would happen if the aliens came, and they had that same 1% difference from us?.

Sadly, trying to do research on these type of things on the internet seems harder and harder every day, a mere search for "similar DNA betweet humans and apes" will throw you a bunch of results on pseudo scientific christian sites such as "answers in genesis" or "creationscience" all of those are places that are not driven by the interest of discovering anything or doing real research, their only interest is bashing accepted science into the ground by using their own Jesus loving "experts" and their so called creation science, you know, the same kind of science that makes them think the world is around 6000 years old. That trend has to change, like the recent poll on this very site, the internet, and the easy access to information we don't get in school or at home is what has driven most of us towards skepticism and incredulity, and we have to make sure it stays that way for future generations.

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