50 Religious FAQs

After a while of debating or arguing with creationists its inevitable to start hearing the same old tired arguments, and the same old tired questions, the only thing they prove is ignorance towards the opposition's set of beliefs or arguments. I'm writing up this small list of 10 questions i hear the most, they are in no particular order, they are all equally annoying.

Atheism is just like religion, don't you guys worship Darwin (or science)?

No, atheism is not an organized group of people that promotes false hope, asks for money, doesn't pay taxes, advertises door to door, pushes their beliefs into others, wears funny clothes and hats, kills in the name of god or flies planes into buildings thinking they'll get virgins after they die.

9 Faith Schools

So i had a birthday party for a cousin on my house yesterday and things are kinda tight so i'm gonna have to bump the article till tomorrow, on the meantime i'll leave you with Richard Dawkin's latest documentary about Faith Schools, its divided in 4 parts, enjoy!.

48 The Watchtower: Announcing Jehovah's Cult

Why isn't she saluting the flag?, why isn't she singing the anthemn?, -she's a witness- A witness?, like from the government?, -no you idiot, a Jehovah's witness-

I recall having that short conversation with a friend when i was around 9 years of age, i knew about Witnesses before i knew about atheists, a few blocks south of my house there was a Mormon temple and a Jehovah's witnesses kingdom hall. I have a troubled cousin that had drug problems who got converted to JW and she is heavily criticized by my mostly Christian family because she can't come to birthday parties because she isn't allowed to do so by her church, and by that i mean, if she's spotted by a fellow witness, she could be denounced and brought up to her church's elder to face some form of punishment, but my family doesn't understand that, because they know very little about the whole religion, so to make it easy for them, i'll show you what Witnesses actually believe...

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