3 God Is Good!!

As i listen to this woman's ramble about how the monkey in the sky is so wonderful, i can't help but to play in my mind the videos of cars and people being swept away by the sea, the faces of children that have been injured, whose parents are missing, i can picture the expression of despair and sadness of the thousands that have lost a relative, and those who are currently being evacuated from their towns because of a nuclear threat.

The woman on this video goes by the name of Pamela M Foreman, and as you can tell from her other videos, she might be a troll, doing a parody of the average religious fundamentalist, someone would even say that she did this video as a joke, well, this video is missing something that most jokes have, its missing all the funny, i looked for it and couldn't find it, this isn't comedy, and judging from all the ratings and comments on her videos, nobody thinks she's even remotely funny, if she's trying to troll people for about 30 videos without the majority of her viewers even noticing that she is trying to be funny then she is as insane as the very same people she's trying to make fun of.

If i was her and i had a channel with over 2 thousand subscribers i would've taken a break from my usual immature "comedy" videos to express myself and give out my real thoughts about this terrible tragedy that goes on in Japan, i would've used those subscribers to promote charity and donations towards the needy Japanese, maybe instead of making a video i would've sent a bunch of bottled water so that it might help a couple hundred out of the thousands of people that don't have any in Fukushima, not poke fun at them with the stupidest monologue that ever came out of a youtuber's mouth, troll or not the things she says on that video are beyond stupid, people now have heir address, name and phone number because of her latest "joke".

I consider myself a big fan of comedy, specially stand up comedy, i probably wouldn't even have an atheist blog today if it wasn't because i found out about George Carlin or Lewis Black, and just like amateur guitar players that practice all the time and get really good at identifying talented guitarists, i write all the time, i have unreleased stand up comedy material, and i tend to be very critical on myself and others when it comes to comedy, and i couldn't find a single video from Pamela that made me even giggle but i do have to admit that she can act like a crazy person, maybe it just comes out naturally for her.

Pamela made a huge mistake with this video, it isn't funny, at all, its creepy and its sad, and people are not gonna get it, very few people out there like me would take the time to watch her videos and find out that she is actually joking. Pamela, just picture anyone with relatives missing back there in Japan, just picture the son studying in america, making that phone call to check on his family back in Japan and nobody picking up, think about that person watching your video, do you think he would laugh because its a joke?, you think he would GET your awesome comedic genius?, i don't think so, in fact i say he would probably feel like ripping your throat off, what you are doing with this Japan video is laughing in the face of people who are currently in some very dark times, just for your own amusement, nobody else is laughing Pamela, leave this kind of insanity to Pat Robertson, do something a little bit more productive with your...talent... i think its time to stop this.

I can assure you Pamela that the vast majority will not "get" you unless they know you, if i was you i would be pretty disappointed in myself because the only way my role models will ever talk about me is to point out how big of an imbecile i am because they did not get my cryptic, immature, unfunny, comedy. Right now its just unknowns like my, blog writers, small time youtubers, but this will for sure get to Dawkins, Hitchens, hell, people like Itscriss, Aaron Ra and Thunderf00t are probably working on videos about your idiocy as i write this. Do something else, something that showcases your real ideas, tell us what you really have in your mind, but seriously, stop what you are doing, even if you come out clean with this, people would still think you are not funny.

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Epic Fitness said...

Glad you back man, also I lose. Rage.

h88mans said...

Welcome back man!

rositadog said...

God is not weak - God does not need your help (and less frightening -
stop and to terrorize others, making judgments and condemning - give love to your neighbor!

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