25 Atheism for the masses

Yesterday a man was shot and killed for holding hostages in the discovery channel headquarters, his name was James J. Lee. who according to his myspace page (now deleted) is an atheist. He went into the building holding a gun and with a bomb strapped to his chest, according to his websites, these were the demands...

The Discovery Channel MUST broadcast to the world their commitment to save the planet and to do the following IMMEDIATELY:

1. The Discovery Channel and it's affiliate channels MUST have daily television programs at prime time slots based on Daniel Quinn's "My Ishmael" pages 207-212 where solutions to save the planet would be done in the same way as the Industrial Revolution was done, by people building on each other's inventive ideas. Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution. A game show format contest would be in order. Perhaps also forums of leading scientists who understand and agree with the Malthus-Darwin science and the problem of human overpopulation. Do both. Do all until something WORKS and the natural world starts improving and human civilization building STOPS and is reversed! MAKE IT INTERESTING SO PEOPLE WATCH AND APPLY SOLUTIONS!!!!

2. All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions. In those programs' places, programs encouraging human sterilization and infertility must be pushed. All former pro-birth programs must now push in the direction of stopping human birth, not encouraging it.

3. All programs promoting War and the technology behind those must cease. There is no sense in advertising weapons of mass-destruction anymore. Instead, talk about ways to disassemble civilization and concentrate the message in finding SOLUTIONS to solving global military mechanized conflict. Again, solutions solutions instead of just repeating the same old wars with newer weapons. Also, keep out the fraudulent peace movements. They are liars and fakes and had no real intention of ending the wars. ALL OF THEM ARE FAKE! On one hand, they claim they want the wars to end, on the other, they are demanding the human population increase. World War II had 2 Billion humans and after that war, the people decided that tripling the population would assure peace. WTF??? STUPIDITY! MORE HUMANS EQUALS MORE WAR! 

4. Civilization must be exposed for the filth it is. That, and all its disgusting religious-cultural roots and greed. Broadcast this message until the pollution in the planet is reversed and the human population goes down! This is your obligation. If you think it isn't, then get hell off the planet! Breathe Oil! It is the moral obligation of everyone living otherwise what good are they??

5. Immigration: Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows that. Find solutions to stopping it. Call for people in the world to develop solutions to stop it completely and permanently. Find solutions FOR these countries so they stop sending their breeding populations to the US and the world to seek jobs and therefore breed more unwanted pollution babies. FIND SOLUTIONS FOR THEM TO STOP THEIR HUMAN GROWTH AND THE EXPORTATION OF THAT DISGUSTING FILTH! (The first world is feeding the population growth of the Third World and those human families are going to where the food is! They must stop procreating new humans looking for nonexistant jobs!)

6. Find solutions for Global Warming, Automotive pollution, International Trade, factory pollution, and the whole blasted human economy. Find ways so that people don't build more housing pollution which destroys the environment to make way for more human filth! Find solutions so that people stop breeding as well as stopping using Oil in order to REVERSE Global warming and the destruction of the planet! 

7. Develop shows that mention the Malthusian sciences about how food production leads to the overpopulation of the Human race. Talk about Evolution. Talk about Malthus and Darwin until it sinks into the stupid people's brains until they get it!! 

8. Saving the Planet means saving what's left of the non-human Wildlife by decreasing the Human population. That means stopping the human race from breeding any more disgusting human babies! You're the media, you can reach enough people. It's your resposibility because you reach so many minds!!! 

9. Develop shows that will correct and dismantle the dangerous US world economy. Find solutions for their disasterous Ponzi-Casino economy before they take the world to another nuclear war. 

10. Stop all shows glorifying human birthing on all your channels and on TLC. Stop Future Weapons shows or replace the dialogue condemning the people behind these developments so that the shows become exposes rather than advertisements of Arms sales and development! 

11. You're also going to find solutions for unemployment and housing. All these unemployed people makes me think the US is headed toward more war.

Humans are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around and are wrecking what's left of the planet with their false morals and breeding culture.

For every human born, ACRES of wildlife forests must be turned into farmland in order to feed that new addition over the course of 60 to 100 YEARS of that new human's lifespan! THIS IS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE FOREST CREATURES!!!! All human procreation and farming must cease!

It is the responsiblity of everyone to preserve the planet they live on by not breeding any more children who will continue their filthy practices. Children represent FUTURE catastrophic pollution whereas their parents are current pollution. NO MORE BABIES! Population growth is a real crisis. Even one child born in the US will use 30 to a thousand times more resources than a Third World child. It's like a couple are having 30 babies even though it's just one! If the US goes in this direction maybe other countries will too!

Also, war must be halted. Not because it's morally wrong, but because of the catastrophic environmental damage modern weapons cause to other creatures. FIND SOLUTIONS JUST LIKE THE BOOK SAYS! Humans are supposed to be inventive. INVENT, DAMN YOU!!

The world needs TV shows that DEVELOP solutions to the problems that humans are causing, not stupify the people into destroying the world. Not encouraging them to breed more environmentally harmful humans. 
Saving the environment and the remaning species diversity of the planet is now your mindset. Nothing is more important than saving them. The Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels. 
The humans? The planet does not need humans.

You MUST KNOW the human population is behind all the pollution and problems in the world, and YET you encourage the exact opposite instead of discouraging human growth and procreation. Surely you MUST ALREADY KNOW this!

I want Discovery Communications to broadcast on their channels to the world their new program lineup and I want proof they are doing so. I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it.
Of course many of us don't like DC's programming, i for one stopped watching by the time they had too many "psychic investigator" shows, but that was it, you can't have everything you want, you can't expect to make people believe in what you believe and do what you want them to do. James J. Lee was clearly some form of misanthropist. The fact that he was an atheist will make this case a must for ever religious person whenever they debate an atheist, James will be forever mentioned right after creationists utter the names "Hitler" and "Stalin" as the first "Atheist Suicide Bomber".

I can't help but to think about my family, and most of the people i know in person, i'm not the kind of guy that goes around talking about religion all day, i never like getting into the argument for a very simple reason. Most people, simply can't handle atheism, for some reason people think they need to believe in something or else life has no meaning to them. Now, the following story is anecdotal, it happened to me, but i'm sure most of you have been in a similar situation.

A year ago i met a woman, she was a good friend, i noticed she was very religious, and by that i mean "god has the right to kill african babies of aids!" kind of religious, but apart from that, she was a very nice person, really kind, and really cool to talk to. When she asked about my religion, i had to take a hard decision, i was absolutely sure that if i said i was an atheist, she would inquire as to why i didn't believe in god, and eventually i was either going to make her lose her faith, or she was just not going to get the point and we would end up fighting, so i decided to tell her i was a christian, its not like she was a really close friend, so whatever, i wanted to save myself the drag of getting into daily debates with her.

Eventually she got into big problems, her husband turned out to be a drug dealer, i don't know if she was aware of this, i'm sure she was, but anyways, she was alone in her house with almost no money, i was trying to help her out,  you know, telling her everything was going to be ok, when she told me, straight face, no joke, desperation on her eyes, "seriously, if it wasn't for my faith, i would kill myself right now". And that was about the time i realized i had made the right decision.

I have a strong belief that people like my friend or like James J. Lee, simply can't cope with what atheism puts on the table, i just can't picture the everyday guy who gets up, goes to work and goes back home to sleep being an atheist, sadly, too many people tolerate a lot of life's bullshit, simply because they expect a reward on the afterlife, or because hey, "it's god's will", you take god out of the picture, and someone will definitely go into a building with a bomb strapped to his chest to demand a little respect.

25 Response to "Atheism for the masses"

g3000 said...

Interesting post... Your story about your close friend even reminded me of an experience of mine. Keep writing!

AdPlusCommunications said...

Discovery is a great channel.


Katie Greene said...

i too stopped watching by the time they had too many "psychic investigator" shows

Naj said...

At his era, I don't think that Atheism is for everybody. There is an awful lot of people who will do whatever the hell they want if there is no "big brother" in the sky watching their every move.

Atheism is only for responsible people. People who are able to face life as it is and not expect a fall-back or back-up from a higher power when the going gets tough.

http://palebluedot4.blogspot.com/ said...

that guy was weird yesterday

batgirl said...

nice post.

angryamerican said...

I'm an atheist... ;D

the.naughty.moose said...

i don't consider myself an atheist, but neither would i call myself a christian. i guess i'm more around a taoist. i believe there is a higher power, what it is is unfathomable. trying to contain that which is well beyond us in the prison of everyday thought is just idiotic. the way that can be described is not the true way and all that jazz. but taking anything to this extreme is just......well crazy really. moving on to your little anecdote, i believe that we have all been in a situation like that. where we see if fit to conceal some fact in order to associate with someone who may not completely understand other situations or beliefs. I really enjoy this blog nigma and hope you continue posting.

David said...

Discovery channel is owned by Discovery Communications, Inc., and it's slogan is "The number-one nonfiction media company." BS, it's all about ratings and market share.

Zietlos said...

Moose, I think you're looking for the term Deist. Might be wrong, but it might be a better moniker.

Discovery is an entertainment network. I watch it for the pretty explosions.

Plus, HITLER WASN'T ATHEIST. The pope of the time supported his actions in condemning gays and "Christ-killers", the belt of every Nazi soldier had "In god we trust" inscribed into it, while he burned mosques and temples, he left the Christian churches fully intact. I had a grandfather on the German side of World War 2. To the day of his death he was adamant that he was told every day he was doing God's work.

Other than that, more on topic, I do not make my religious preferences known, but if directly asked, I will say I am atheist, unless I feel I am in some mortal danger/fanatics nearby, I let my lack of brainwashing be known. In your particular example, I would feel bad if she were like that. If she deconverted, or even her faith shaken a bit, and she concluded that there WASN'T some cosmic Second Chance engine, she may have felt the need to resolve her situation and not suffer through it for so long. Atheists don't tend to suicide. We know we only have one shot.

And if I'm wrong? Well, I go and live with Socrates and Plato and Epicurus, the geniuses of the ancient world, and philosophize with philanthropists, do-gooders, Darwin, shrimp-eaters, those who wear polyester, good parents who don't kill their own kids, and interior designers. Sounds like a pretty good crowd, really.

Zietlos said...

Oh, and as for the suicide bomber guy? Luckily, the catch-all defense still applies. Look at his demands: Does he attack any gods or religions in his demands? No? Funny... Religious people do that all the time... Was he attacking in the NAME of atheism? No? In the name of mass depopulation instead? Funny... Religious people kill in the name of THEIR religion all the time...

It is the Pol Pot defense, though there are plenty of counter targets if theists begin to "play dirty" by citing bad atheists, since believe you me, there are PLENTY worse theists out there, MUCH more ammo. I never bring them up unless they use that card first, though.

http://www.anidubs.com said...

i never really thought about this stuff before, it's very interesting.

Nigma said...

Zietlos, you have a good point, this man didn't go in there to kill people in the name of atheism at all, and indeed Hitler's movement was pretty impulsed by religion, but he's still believed to have been an atheist just like Obama is believed to be a muslim.

joshlajosh said...

this isn't legit, is it?

Johnn said...

He's always dropping wood on me, the pervert.

hunter time said...

wow thats very interesting. but i agree discovery is a pretty cool channel. and also why do i feel bad for agreeing with james lee's demands?

Ryan said...

true, yes. But remember that to some people, the idea of living a life, and dying naturally, is wonderful. It's the best feeling to know you place in the universe without being afraid of where I'm going after I die. I could not believe in a lie, I love reality.

Tino Celluloid said...

That's crazy! Can't believe I missed that in the news.

Okie Dokie Broski said...

That guys myspace was great. He listed Discovery under tv shows he liked to watch.

Sakuriita ♥ said...

I'd like to talk about this...^_^ but each time I talk about GOD I get insulted, etc. =/ I just want the world be in peace...^_^

Trashcanman said...

aint nuttin but a g thang

Check it http://kadams133.blogspot.com/

slipstream said...

This was insane

Tal Zahn said...

Freaking crazy guy.

And yes, religious tolerance is quite needed in the world. Your god or your lack of believing in one does not make you superior to anyone. I've had friends tell me, "if you don't stay true to your religion, then you are a lazy man with nothing." They, like your friend, were nice people until I heard them say that.

It's a shame really, but I'll continue being tolerant of people's different beliefs, even if they don't respect I'm agnostic.

John said...

@Tal Zahn

Thats the way to be! Taking the higher road.

The Alaskan Reviewer said...

@Sakuriita I feel the same way many times. Just remember that when people ATTACK you Because of your faith, they are no better than those who do evil in the name of religion. There is a difference between attack, and questioning your faith. Debate can be a healthy thing for both sides, but attack is unhealthy

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